Tuesday, September 29, 2015

week 2 (9/29/2015) Heading to Kumasi

It has been a week full of ups and downs. The beginning was probably one of the hardest adjustments of my life. But things are going great. I love the elders here. 
The African Missionaries are awesome. They are so happy and friendly all the time its crazy. 
If you walk anywhere you are bound to shake the hand of at least 3 other people. And there is an abundance of different hand shakes to try and learn haha. It's always fun. 
I have had 2 continuing struggles here at the MTC (missionary training center) the food and the sleep. Just kidding the food actually hasn't been that bad. It's definitely been different. The 2 most interesting things I've eaten have been the Fufu and what I call "Rice Porridge". but the hardest one to eat was the fufu. We are supposed to rip off a little piece of the...dough, or whatever it is, then use our fingers to dip it into the soup. then you put that in your mouth and swallow it whole. I think the soup is necessary so that #1 it doesn't get stuck in your throat, and #2 so that it actually has some taste. I would suggest not chewing it, because then there is a sensation...but I don't know if I would dare to call it taste. 
The sleep has been hard because apparently some people only need about 3 hours of sleep. Not even kidding some of the Africans go to sleep around 12 and wake up at 4:00. Its a struggle. But once I'm asleep I'm knocked out so that's nice. I don't even sleep with the sheet on me (they don't even provide a blanket because there is absolutely no need unless you have a death wish) but towards the middle of the night it gets to the point where I like the sheet to be on about half of my body. 
These 11 days? have been awesome. They have been full of great memories and people. I leave for my actual mission in Kumasi in about 30 minutes! So talk to you all later!

-Love Elder Speakman

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