Monday, October 26, 2015


Sorry my peeps (a.k.a Brothers and Sisters) I've been slacking in my blogging duties.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.
My first area is in a place called Sunyan; and I 'm in the  Penkware district.  My new companion is Elder Ulu.  He's a pretty swell guy.  We didn't talk to much at first; and I must admit that it was terrible.  Being left to my thoughts is not a good thing sometimes, Hah.  In fact one of the thoughts I had was,  if you were to stick a group of teenagers in a land of dirt with no distractions (a.k.a phones), and left them to there for about a month, they would all go insane.  I'm probably scaring you all, haha
Things are actually going well here.  At the beginning Elder Ulu did a lot of the cooking for me but now I'm getting the ropes.  One of my favorite things to make/eat is fried Plantain.  And if the Plantain isn't ripe and you fry it just right it will taste just like a once removed second cousin of a french fry.  I actually really like them though. 
The other day, our district had a service project.  So my companion and I and the other elders in our apartment, and the 2 American Elders in another apartment (one of whom is Elder Lierd whom I sat next to on the plane to Ghana, and was in the MTC with), met up and went to paint the house of an investigating family.  It was actually really fun and the family was awesome. They definitely made my day.  They were the most American people I've met here thus far.  They were taking pictures of us the entire time. haha
But the fooood.... Oh that was heavenly.  I love rice and they gave us so much that I didn't even have to cook.  It was wonderful.  We're actually going over to eat Fufu tonight with them so that will be fun. 
Oh and me and Elder Ulu are thinking we'll buy a chicken tomorrow, that way we can actually have some meat.  My how I crave meat.
I sure miss your cooking Mom.
Until we meet again!
Love Storm/Elder Speakman

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Storm is having some technical difficulties with his group letters, he said,  "I'm trying to send pictures of what I wrote for the blog but it says my drive isn't formatted. so this could be a process because I don't want to delete all of my pictures. I might need to wait until next week and use a different sd card. just write that I'm sorry I haven't been able to write if you would and explain my situation.
 thanks madre
love Storm

 So I am sharing some of my email from Storm:
We have a shower! no bucket showers here, but the water is cold, and its hard to resist drinking the unfiltered water.
I'm learning to really like fufu, especially when some people make it.
We have been having a lot of rain but its almost the dry season. My farmers tan is awesome, it starts at about halfway down my neck.  
Our yard is made up of rocks, some weeds, and glass haha. 
 Washing my clothes is fun. The first time I got blisters but today they only got a little bit raw. 
 We head to the mission home along with the other greenies.
 Also, we should be having a baptism! that will be fun. 
I'm hungry all the time haha.
 I love and miss you! 
thank you for everything
Love Storm

Thank you for keeping in touch with Storm I know he loves and appreciates it.  He only has 1 hour of computer time, so he is trying to learn how to manage it.
Hopefully we will have more details next week about his missionary life in Ghana these past 3 weeks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10/5/2015 In Kumasi

I washed my clothes with my hands today. I got 2 Blisters on my left hand from it. I'll have to keep getting tougher I guess.
We've had quite a few free meals. the people here are extremely kind. They all say good morning or good afternoon, etc. And all the little kids call me "bronie" some of them try to hold my hand, some just follow for a bit, some sing a song, some just yell and wave. At least I'm liked haha. I am serving in the in the Sunyani zone.
We have 2 progressing investigators and I know that 1 of them, Sister Esther (we are teaching 3 sister Esthers) will get baptized.
The fruit is super cheap here. and there's a little fruit stand outside our house that we go to to get pineapple, bananas and oranges. 1 Cede for 5 oranges or a bunch of bananas.

Its been raining a lot here lately. It poured on me and Elder Ulu on our way home last night and we had to sprint about a half mile. We were both soaked, absolutely drenched. I had to take his stuff from him and get him to keep running which surprised me because hes a pretty fit looking guy.

There is so much trash everywhere here. I miss the wildlife. We have wild farm animals but that's about it, and lizards. Not what I was expecting.

We haven't gotten to watch general conference yet.
I am doing well. I'm a bit tired and have definitely felt better haha, but I'll be okay. I miss  moms food so much.

I'm doing alright, hopefully things will get better.
Love, Storm

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 Mission President Michael L. Cosgrave and his wife

 1st companion Elder Ulu