Monday, November 2, 2015

10/18/2015 (1 month)

I'm very sorry I forgot to send in my blog to the editor (mom) last week.  I know I probably have  a lot of avid followers who were very disappointed.
 Man I don't even know what to talk about a lot has been happening. 

As I'm sure you can imagine we walk...everywhere... all, the time.  Honestly it stopped bothering me after the first week haha.  I feel like I could walk forever, not even kidding.
 Sometimes the heat really gets to a person though.  For example, yesterday, we were walking home from buying power (by the way the power goes out all the time here. Apparently the gov. sells it to other countries and let me tell you, without the fans it gets hotter than Hades in the apartment), and we weren't even in our church clothes because we had just cleaned the church and our house was being fumigated to kill the Satan-spawn cockroaches.   That walk, in my shorts and t-shrit, was the hottest that I have been since coming here.  Sweat was free-flowing, the dust from the traffic was blowing, and I was just munching on my 1 cedi bread trying not to drown in my own sweat.  Eventually I gave up on wiping away the sweat and just decided to go with the flow *quite literally.  Elder Ulu and I just laughed at our pain.  I was honestly just happy not to be one of the guys swinging pick-axes to fix the road.  Although it did look like a pretty good workout. 

The people here are awesome.  They are so nice, and I'd say we get fed an average of 1 meal a day. But some days it's even more.  Take today for  example. I made myself a big lunch of noodles, carrots plantain and bread, then we went out and got fed 2 dinners haha.  I'll work that off tomorrow.
Speaking of the food, I'm beginning to like a lot of it!  Rice and noodles are still my safe foods, but I really like the fufu with ground-nut-soup.  I like the yams, and I like the lcoho (baked Plantain with nuts). The 1 thing I don't like is Banku.  That stuff likes to stick in the throat. 
I've actually gotten to pound fufu 4 times now.  I might buy a "pistol" (the pounding stick) and just go pound over rocks in the morning for my workout.  It seems to work for the people here haha. 
But in conclusion, this was a much better week with too many stories to tell .  I''m finding members/investigators that I can talk to which is always nice and things are getting better.  Reading and writing have become my forms of entertainment at this point.  It's something new.
 I love and miss you all!
Make good Choices!
Elder Storm Speakman

And Happy birthday to Gentry, Grandma, Parker and Brinday!  Sorry I'm late!
p.s Yesterday, was my 1 month makr. It has gone by fast but slow.
p.s.s Tomorrow we are buying a sheep as a zone and cook it together... so we'll see how that goes.

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