Monday, November 2, 2015

5 weeks (10/25/2015)

Hey Everyone!

It has been a long while! I've been having troubles sending my blog but hopefully as you read this it means I have found a solution.
This past Monday, we had a little zone activity at our apartment.  Each of us pitchted in 12 cedis to buy a sheep, leusava and Plantain.  That's right, we were feasting.  Fufu and sheep meat all the way. Killing that sheep wasn't something fun. But let me tell you this... actually never mind, but even a "clean slaughter" was still grody.  So, after skinning it and sending the meat to the kitchen to be added to the groundnut soup, we began punding the fufu.  It's a process and I'm not sure the fufu makes up for all of the calories expended in making it. But how it works is you have the "driver," the person who places the leusava/plantain and risks his/her hand moving the fufu, and the pounder.  Ther person who lifts and slams the log to crush the leusava and Plantain until thy become on big , play-dough-like mass.  It's magical I'll tell you what.  But, I'm not even kiddnig that was the best fufu and Groundnut soup (right after Mama Mary's) that I've had since coming here.  I was super suprised.  These Elders have some cooking talent. 
Yesterday, we went to do service on a guys farm.  What we did was cut the grass in this big area with cutlasses so eventually he will be able to burn it and plant some leusava.  People here made it pretty clear that they don't think white people can work so when I got my run to cut I wasn't too keen to stop until Elder Ulu forced me to give him the cutlass.  Blisters and all, I didn't like being told I don't have heart.  But 1 serious word of advice.  If you live in Africa, and you walk many miles in 1 day, don't ever, ever, ever work out your legs unless you plan to take a trotro or taxi everywhere.  Midnight calf cramps are real.  I've woken up on numerous occasions on the verge of screaming because my calf was tearing its self apart. 
Last thing.  Tomorrow, Elders Ulu, Crerd, Wilson and I are going to this hotel to Email and get this, eat PIZZA! You people have no idea.  Food has become my life.  And there's never enough of it it seems (but there is) there's never enough variety (which there isn't).
I hope you are all doing well.
I miss everyone back home but I'll be seeing you soon.
Elder Speakman

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