Monday, November 2, 2015

week 6 (11/1/2015)

Oh geez, what to write, what to write.
Well, things have been very busy I can say that much.  It usually rains about every other day, sometimes we're lucky and we don't get caught in it haha.
Going along with this "business" comes a lot of walking.  It's funny how those two things go hand in hand here.  Back here being busy usually brings about a lot of sitting.  And we do get to sit, don't worry haha.  70% of the time it's outside on a tiny wooden stool that we're doing it but hey, sitting is sitting.
Halloween is/was not Halloween haha. Honestly, I forgot it was until the end of the day which was probably a good thing.  It ended up being a great day though and before we had remembered it was Halloween we had gone to the night market and bought some fufu ( I never thought I'd ever be doing that either for all of you who are surprised haha).  I also bough some bananas and Elder Ulu bought some popcorn.  So when we got home I ate all of these delicious foods as a tribute to Halloween.  I even ate a few of my M&M's.
I am actually getting a pretty good hang (what an odd phrase) of the food here.  And judging from my skewed standards, I'm actually getting pretty good at it.  There's this one Elder, Elder Tushabe, who eats beans and rice almost every meal of his own choice.   That ... I don't understand. My meal changes every meal.  Also, mom you would be proud, I mix my cereals in the morning (mostly because I don't want to use all of my good cereal in one meal aka. the granola).  The biggest problem with the food is that I'm eating too much and working out too little.  I refuse to get fat again haha.  The awesome people need to stop feeding me so much.  Unless it's koko (baked-ripe plantain).  I'll take as much of that as they want to give.  It's hard not to waste all of my money on that every time we pass a stand.
Tonight I did 2 new things.  The first one was, I ate Sugar Cane.  Dang! That stuff is amazing.  It's literally pure sugar.  I've got a bit in the fridge for when I read (see what I'm talking about?).  The second thing was, that I took my first bucket shower. But! this was speical.  It was heavenly because I heated my water.  That was my first hot shower in about a month.  But apart from the very un-necessary but enjoyable heat, there was another reason for the bucket shower.  I got this sweet infection under my nose and on my hand that came out of no-where.  I've been putting Neosporin on it so it's going away but it was no fun.  I decide that it came from the water that we aren't suppose to drink and yet we run all over our bodies.  So I heated some filter water instead.
All in all, I would say that things are going pretty well for me.  It's obviously hard and a big adjustment, but I know it's what I should be doing and after all, "No Regrets!" I always say.
 I love and miss you all!
 I hope you are all well and make good choices.
 See you soon!
Elder Storm Speakman

ps- I watched General Conference! Here are 3 quotes of the many I wrote.

"The Power of the Holy Ghost makes what is good more attractive." Pres. Eyring

"We must recognize who people are, where they come from and where they are going" Pres. Eyring

"We need to see people through a parents eyes, God's eyes."  Elder Renlund

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