Monday, November 23, 2015

week 7 (11/9/2015)

"Ey Masta (s)"! That is probably my companions favorite thing to say.  Along with "what ting dey worry you?" and "masta forget."
But hey, things are good.  I'm getting much clear to my Nigerian (Elder Ulu)  We both swap stories and compare our countires as we are walking around, but I'd say a majority of that walking time is "pondering time." (;
Oy, I'm getting tired lately.  For example today (which was Sunday when he wrote this), I fell asleep for a minute in the church until the earth started dropping around me and I almost jumped out of my chair.  But it was a good day.  We had 4 of our investigators come to church (1 brought her family), and afterwards we went out with my good ole friend Bro. Ernest.
But in case you were worried I had lunch first; a delicious Egg, Cabbage, Margarire, onion sandwich.  I can cook "Papaaa" (very well in Twi).  Seriously it was delicious! 
Also, if all goes well with the baptismal interview, I'll more than likely be baptizing someone this Saturday!  We've been meeting almost all of our goals lately, especially as a district.  We have really been working hard.
I have been meeting a lot of my personal goals as well; one that I'm most excited about is working out morning and night. It's stinking hard!  I've never been closer to inhaling my own sweat, swimming in it or going blind from it in my life (you can always count on me to talk about gym"ing."  Speaking of the gym! We may have found a g that we can go to and lift some rusty gears every morning!  Brother Richard will be taking us there tomorrow to check it out. 
Also, I did get my first haircut last Monday. It was less than glorious. A patch of my hair did somehow go missing and is no where to be found. You can be assured there was much bobbing and weaving of the head.  I felt like I was boxing someone while sitting Ina chair, adrenaline was pumping. Sorry no pictures.

For us the sun sets and rises at 6 all year round. Its nice to be able to watch the sunsets though, but we don't get to stay out too late, usually we are home around 8 because you can't really contact at night. But one night I climbed up on the roof and just looked at our sparse stars. it was nice though. We also have fireflies. Especially on the path that leads to the church. They are a different kind of firefly's though, they're interesting. They're more of an orangish color and they glow for much longer, even as they are flying they continue to glow.
On Friday people were "singing" and speaking " in tongues" all through the night until 5 in the morning in the "infant Jesus school" across the street from us, that's always fun. There always seems to be some kind of chanting when we are walking around at night.

I've made it through 1 transfer!! It did fly by I must say, I cant believe its already almost been 2 months. One of the elders in the apartment is going to be training and its very likely that he will be training an American because that's what a majority of the new elders are. It seems we were the beginning of a wave of Americans coming to this mission.
This branch has some leadership issues but other than that its fantastic.

Well, anyway, I said a whole lot with out really saying to much at all, sorry.  But, I hope you are all well and making good choices. 
I love and miss you all!

Happy birthday dad and Isaak. I hope you both had good birthdays. 
We, I'll see you all soon (;
Elder Speakman. 

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