Monday, January 18, 2016

week 16 (1/18/2016)


I hope that all of you are well! It has been a work filled week that's for sure. 
I've been with Elder Ulu, and out on my mission for 4 months now; and it's looking like this transfer might be our last together.  It's scary and exciting to see what will happen. 
I've been getting to know the members better which is nice, and me and Ulu have been pretty diligent in our missionary work.  We were supposed to have a baptism Sunday, but there was no water and the Investigator was forced to go and help at her sisters shop so she couldn't come, so it wouldn't have happened either way. It will happen next week though for sure!
Today, we were planning a zone activity of traveling to "monkey village" but then we looked at the price. The trotro would be 25 cedis per person and the entrance to the village is 5 cedis...for blacks. For all whites its 20 cedis. as soon as I saw that I decided I'm not supporting their stinking "village" even if they have monkeys. And most of the white missionaries felt the same way, so nobody is going, we're all cheap. maybe in the future.  haha

Me and Elder Ulu are really working on being more diligent in everything that we do.  So when an appointment fails, rather than standing around for a few minutes thinking of what to do, we already have a back-up plan, or we immediately go and try to find someone else to teach.  In the morning, after companionship study, rather than relax just those few extra minutes before going out, we get our stuff together and we head out.  Time really is a precious thing!  The time that we get to study is especially precious to me.  Even when I am eating my lunch, I like to have a book or Ensign in front of me to read.  It's amazing to think about all the things we could learn and what we can become if we put our mind and our time towards study.

I was listening to a talk given at BYU some time ago, and the speaker was talking about learning, and the importance of it for our life here, and eternally.  And I liked something that he said concerning studying.  He said, "Unless you're endangering your health you're not doing a good job at all."  It's kind of an extreme statement, but I think that if we consider it, we can all agree with him on at least some respects.  He went on to say: "You must live on the border, on the very limit of your capacity... our boundaries are like dogs, if you walk towards them, they run away from you..." (especially the dogs here).  We all might feel like we're doing good, but we can always do something better.  
Live up to your potential.  It's like a wise woman use to tell me, 'you have to choose between good, better and best.' You might be using your time in a good way, but what's the best way?  We might be doing something good, but what's the best thing for you to be doing?  Make the best choice.  Believe me, this is something that I am working on.  

I hope that we can all apply this in our own lives, in whatever way is best, and I hope you all have a great week!
"Search the Book of Mormon and the words of the living prophets everyday, everyday, everyday!  It's the way to spiritual survival and avoiding deception" (Elder Kevin W. Pearson).

I love and miss you all!
-Elder Speakman

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYBODY I MISSED!  Sorry I'm slacking!  Happy birthday Aunt Ale, Cruz, Aunt Jackie, Whitlee, Kaleb and Izzy.  I hope you all had great Birthdays!! (:

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