Monday, January 25, 2016

week 17 (1/25/2016)

Heyoooo everybody!

I hope all is well!  Things are going well out here. This week though.... OY!  We walked papa! 

Thursday, we went to the boundaries of our area in a place called, "High Tension."  To get there I would guess we walked about 4 miles... then we went contacting for 2 hours... It Was Not a Cool Day.  But, we did find a person who spoke a little bit of English, so that was good.  But by the time we finished teaching her it was time for lunch and it was toooo far to go home for lunch, so I bought some Watche (rice and beans with a spicy sauce and some cabbage) and my companion bought some fried yam (they basically taste like crunchy fries, I have to resist buying those things, haha).  Then we ate on a wooden bench with our hands, but don't worry, we dipped our hands in some water before we ate so they were clean.  (;

Right now, our whole zone is at our apartment and we're roasting a goat.  The second animal to be slaughtered and eaten here (sorry vegetarians/vegans...) but you know how it is, we're in Africa.  Let me tell you something, they eat every single piece of these animals.  I ate kidney, heart and blood today; and my companion is off in the corner with some other Elders roasting the head, I don't know why they're so secretive about it... it's kind of creepy. haha (;

I hope that you are all living it up and being safe this winter season! But don't have too much fun without me. 

Here's my inspiriational quote for the week, "You're so good, you really should be a lot better than you are!"

Stay safe! Make good choices! And strive to do your best!

Elder Speakman

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