Monday, February 8, 2016

week 19 (2/8/2016)

Hello to all!!
This week has definitely been a week of change that's for sure! But hey, change is how you know you're progressing (....sometimes, haha).  So I hope all of you had a week filled with good change!

This past Wednesday my trainer/1st companion, left me to spread my wings like a beautiful peacock and soar... My new companion is Elder Argo from Ethiopia.  He's a pretty cool guy!  It's always interesting to hear about what, "home," is for all these different people from so many different places.  But one thing we do have in common is we both love to, "gym" (they don't say workout here).
So these past few mornings we've been, I never thought I'd say this, getting up early.  But it has been sweet.  I definitely miss Elder Ulu, but I get along with Argo as well.  And this guy can EAT!! He's a bit short and has hardly any fat on his body but he ate a whole bunch of bananas the other day for a snack, if that tells you anything.

Something else exciting happened.
So you know, I'm in Ghana, eating chicken bones and everything else imaginable and things have been great.  Then the other day our, "mission mother," delivered a package to me.  To my dee-light, it was filled with chewy candies. So I ate one!  I think it was a, "bit-o-honey."  After eating it one of my teeth felt like it had something stuck to it.  So I went and checked in our little mirror.  Low and behold, to my horror one of my teeth was chipped.  After everything I've eaten, 1 American candy, ended up bringing my downfall.  How stinking ironic is that.  It's like poetry.  So after that I fell on my bed and almost started crying ya know, no biggie.  Now I just have to travel to Kumasi on Thursday to visit a Ghanian dentist.  No biggie, it not like I'm scared or anything....

I hope you're all enjoying life as well, haha!
I love you all!

Elder Speakman
(p.s. thanks for the candy mom) 

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