Monday, February 22, 2016

week 20 (2/15/2016)

Good morning you all!  (that's right, not "ya'll", "you all")  Haha, just kidding, but I hope all is well back in the great U.S.A and wherever else you all are staying.

This past week has been great.  Elder Argo is a great companion and we've really been able to work hard together, even with unplanned - dentist appointments/nightmares that take the whole day.
I won't scare you all too much with the actual details of the appointment, but the miracle is that I was able to get both of us to the appointment and right at 11:30 too... the only problem was the dentist was 2 hours late.  So then he was rushing while working on my tooth (terrifying), so then the next day the filling came out when I was, get this, flossing..., so we've scheduled a return appointment.... I'll have to pray about that one.

Today, is one the busier P-days so I don't have much time to write (sorry to disappoint all my faithful fans (; ). But next week I'll try to have a better message/ story for all.  (we're trying to make chicken noodle soup tonight!  We'll see how that goes, haha). 

I love and miss you all!
Remember to always seek to improve and seek for more truth!  And do it now, not tomorrow.  "Procrastination is the thief of Salvation."

Make good choices!

Elder Speakman

(ps Humidity is the WORST)
(Pss My hands hurt from washing)

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