Monday, March 14, 2016

week 24 (3/14/2016)

Hey everybody!

I hope that everything is going well!  I assume that things are warming up little by little back in the states.  For us the rain is coming back little by little.  Today, for p-day, I and the rest of our district got to actually play soccer in the rain!  That was sweet!  Afterwards, I made a nice bean-cabbage-tomato (BCT) sandwich, ha!  Twas superb.

This past week has been kind of hectic.  My companion and I traveled to Kumasi to give this dentist one more try, hopefully it will be my last dentist appointment for the next 1.5 years.  After waiting at his office for 3 hours (again), he did manage to fix my TWO chipped teeth (I re-chipped the first one the day after it was fixed and chipped a second one peeling sugar-cane with my teeth... not smart).  After a huge needle and some drilling, Elder Argo and I were in a Tro-tro back to the metromass (bus) station.
When we got there we met up with Elder Curtis.  It was an unexpected blessing for him.  He was planning to travel to our area to be a missionary there, all alone.  Its sure  good thing that we were there.  There were hundreds of people trying to travel to Sunyani on that bus... I managed to get us three tickets.  But... Curtis had 2 bags and there was no space underneath the bus.. So, again I went back through the mob of people. I had money being shoved in my face and people trying to tear the tickets from  hand.  So I tucked away the tickets and manged to get everyone an arms distance away and then controlled the crowd (;  Then, I sold the tickets to the 3 oldest looking people in the crowd.  It was definitely fun haha.  Long story short.  We didn't get on that bus. 
The Assistants to the Mission President came and picked us up. We went searching through town for another bus to take us home.  Finally, at 8pm we found the last tro tro headed to Sunyani with exactly 3 seats left.  We got in, they tied Elder Curtis' bags onto the back and we set off to Sunyani.  We were running off of  5 hours of sleep (early morning) so it was a fun bus ride (; 
That's my adventure  for the week...

I hope you are all living it up and enjoying much more sleep then I am (;

I love and miss you all!
Stay safe!
And make good choices!

Elder Speakman

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