Monday, March 21, 2016

week 25 (3/21/2016)

6 months have come and gone!  It's crazy how fast time is going... sometimes haha.  A wise man once told me, "time is flying by slowly."  Pretty true if you ask me! (; 
At the front of our missionary handbook it reads, "Time is one of the most precious resources Heavenly Father has given you... use it fully and wisely."  Such an opportunity is a privilege."  That's something I've really come to learn while on my mission.  Our time really is a gift.  Use it fully, and use it wisely!  Do things that are worth your time.

By the way, I hope all of you are well! And Happy Birthday SONJA!! Happy belated birthday to you too Kamryn Labrum and anyone else I have missed!  I love you guys!

Yesterday, was an adventure!  After church we ate lunch, then went about doing our regular missionary things... sharing the gospel with everyone, ya know? (;  We went out with a member named Ata (he works all day making planks of wood in the sun, everyday except Sunday, but rather than go home and rest, he chooses to come with us and walk in the sun... he's awesome).  Our final appointment for the day was at a members house, Sis. Victoria.  She fed us some banku with pepper stew (basically blended hot peppers that you dip the banku in so you can swallow it without it getting stuck in your throat) and fried fish.  After eating, we all sat down outside and began discussing the day she got baptized, why she chose to be baptized, and what baptism really is.  It was going great.  It was a powerful lesson.  Then,.. the winds came... and they brought their cloud buddies with them.  So, we cut the lesson a bit short, said bye, and started running.  I'm not even kidding!  We booked it out of that Zongo (an area with a high concentration of Muslims).  The only problem was that we couldn't see a thing.  There was dust EVERYWHERE. My eyes were filled with it, but all I could do was tuck my head and keep running blind.  I could barely see Elder Argo in front of me, and eventually I stepped on a rock and sprained my other ankle (it feels great right now), but at the time I barely felt it, the adrenaline was pumping.  We got to the road and were forced to take cover behind a wall from a huge gust of dust coming down it.  Then, we went back out and crossed the road hoping there were no cars that we couldn't see.  Then, we started running again.  About 1/4 of the way down our last long road I couldn't see where Elder Argo went, but we just had to keep running about 1/2 of the way down the road the rain hit.  It HIT HARD with 3 mins of running left.  Ata and I, reached the house completely soaked and covered in a layer of wet dust.  To our relief Elder Argo was there already.  Apparently, he was ahead of us the whole time, we just couldn't see him.  Then came the lightening.  It was insane!  The sky was constantly lit up in a purple/white combination.  It was amazing!

That is my adventure for the week!  I hope all of you are staying safe!
I love and miss you all!
I'm 1/4th of the way home! (;
Make good choices!

Elder Speakman (Storm)

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