Monday, April 25, 2016

week 30 (4/25/2016)

A lot has happened this past week.  I hope you are all doing well though!

First, I'd like to share something pretty amazing with all of you.  I made tortillas and guacamole from scratch and I've been eating that, in Ghana.  Even today, I'm going to buy some Muslim cheese, so quesadillas are on the way (that's a resume quality achievement)!

Geez, so much has happened, sometimes it's hard to figure out what to share.  People always tell us as missionaries to, "loose yourselves in the work."  And some days that's easier to do than others, I will admit.  Yesterday, was one of those days that it was easier.  And it was for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason I think, was because I chose to make it so.  I made the choice to love the work more, and so, it was fantastic!  I've had some advice repeated to me over and over in different ways.  But, the two that I think summarize them all best are these: "Be optimistic" and "happiness is a choice."  I never really realized how true that is until I tried it myself.  I mean, I've never really been an, "overly" negative person, but just choosing and making a conscious effort to be more optimistic made a noticeable difference. 

Another reason that yesterday was awesome was because church was awesome!  We had our Branch Conference and our mission president came, so it was fantastic.! And people were reverent, which was amazing.  Along with that, a ton of our investigators came.  One of them is named, "Margret."  She was a surprise to us last week when she decided to show up out of the blue.  She told me she always passed the church and told herself that, "one day I'll visit that church."  And so last week she finally decided to do it.  I'm so glad she did.
My companion and I taught the lesson in church and it was powerful, she was so interested.  And yesterday, she decided to come to church again.  Later in the evening we went by her house to meet her.  We had an appointment but as we were standing outside her door knocking and calling her, nobody answered.  We assumed she wasn't there so we left a note and went away.  As we were leaving we got a call, it was her!  She said her phone had been in a different room and on silent while she slept but she suddenly woke up and saw our missed calls and called us back.  So we ran back up the stairs and went inside.  As we talked for a little bit, we found out that her husband has been sick for some years in another city, so she was really struggling with raising her kids.  So we changed the plan.  Instead of teaching her about the restoration we decided to share with her a little bit of the, "Plan of Salvation," which is God's plan for us.  During the lesson she started crying and when she prayed to close, she thanked God for answering her prayers. 
There's so much more to tell but... that experience was amazing!  There really are people out there searching for the truth and who need our help, even if there are 99 who aren't ready, that 1 makes it worth it!

I love and miss you all!
 Have a great week and so what matters most!

Elder Speakman

p.s. Happy Birthday Ike!!
p.s.s A chicken just ran in our house so we caught it and my companion had a hand to it's neck before we could stop him.  In his words, "Chicken is expensive."  Food is life..

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