Monday, May 9, 2016

week 31 (5/9/2016)

I hope all of you, especially you moms... especially my mom, had a great day!

Mothers day was great for me.  The sister missionaries were having a baptism for a young girl in the branch, who has been coming for six months! Her whole family came to support her even though they aren't members of the church, which I thought was great!
My companion and I went to the chapel early to make sure there was water in the baptismal font for them... and we ran out.  (I know that's an anomaly for all of you in the U.S. haha, but it's pretty common here.  Most people don't even have their own pipes, they have to go to the community faucet to fetch their water for the day and carry it back on their heads.  It usually takes a few trips).  So we ended up moving the baptism to another branch in,  "Kanvilli."  Luckily, one of the members has a car and she was willing to drive them there... us missionaries get to take taxis.  But, it was great!  I was even lucky enough to be the one who conducted, haha.

After that we went home, I ate some bombom beans (something like that), we saw some people, had some awesome lessons, then we went back to Kanvilli to Skype my FAMILY!!!  It was friggin fantastic, I won't go too in depth with that , but it was great and I'm thankful for it!  I hope none of you take your family for granted!!

Also, I have some transfer news.  My companion is being moved to Obuasi.  He and the rest of the branch are pretty sad about that, he has been here for 6 months.  So because he's leaving, we went to our branch presidents home and ate with the sister missionaries.  We had ampesie with kontombre stew, and we even had a disco ball light show, haha.  Celebrate good times (;

Anyway, I hope that you are all having a great time and doing what's most important.  
Love you mothers! And don't forget: "The culminating act of all creation, was the creation of woman."

I love you all!
Take care!

Elder Speakman

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