Monday, May 30, 2016

week 34 (5/30/2016)

It's almost June everybody!  I hope you are all doing well!  Things have been cooling off over here so I'm hoping that means you all in the U.S. have been stealing the heat from us haha.  I think that the past 3 nights it has rained which has been awesome, I must say.

Something that I have really come to love about Ghana is the people.  I mean sure, just as anywhere else in the world there are those people who are a little less easily loved than others, and there are sometimes annoying and odd things that are part of their culture, and sometimes it gets annoying being called white man by little kids 24/7 haha, but all of that aside, I still love them! The people here are just so kind and generous.  They are so willing to give what they already have too little of.
We were at this muslim girls home, and I was watching her three little brothers, they are triplets, 1 of them had a little package of crackers with only a few crackers inside.  He opened the package and gave 1 to each of his brothers leaving himself with 1 broken up cracker.  And he didn't even complain; he was satisfied.  Another time we were over there, all three of them were sharing their peanuts with us and these small seeds that you suck on, even though we have almost no relationship with them because they don't speak english.
When I was leaving Sanyani, "Ma Ennice, " bought me material to make a shirt, even though she was obviously in no position to do that. In Sanyani sister Victoria use to feed us every Sunday.  Here we have a family who does the same.  There is this muslim seamstress that we go to and talk with when ever we are passing by her shop, she is just our friend, and she is always kind and smiling. Even she, once bought us porridge to try (all of this contributes to my fear of becoming obese in Ghana by the way, haha (; ).
It's just amazing to me how willing they are to give and it's something that I have really been trying to emulate since I've come here... I definitely have more room for improvement.

Just as a challenge to you all, since we're all trying to improve, right?(; try to find a way to give to somebody around you.  Don't ask them how you can help, just help; and I'll be here trying to follow my own advice.
Anyway, I love you all!
Happy Memorial Day! Do something fun for me! And stay classy my friends (always ask yourselves:..." it classy enough?" name that tv show).

Elder Speakman


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