Wednesday, August 17, 2016

week 44 & 45 (8/15/2016)


Time continues to fly!  I can't believe we're half way through 2016 already and I'm almost halfway through with my mission in Ghana!
I am now in my 3rd area on my mission.  I was transferred from the furthest zone in the mission to the very center...
Things are definitely different here, the city is big and much louder and we meet people everywhere who don't speak English (we have to bring members with us to help with the translation, my twi will definitely be stretched here).  Also, I'm serving in a ward in the Dichemso Zone,  this area is much cooler than up North (I now take bucket showers so that I can heat my water on the stove first.  Maybe I'm just a wimp... but that water is cold!).

This coming Saturday all the missionaries in our mission will come here to Kumasi because we are being visited by Elder David A. Bednar!  I'm pumped, as most people are.  In fact I'll get the chance to meet with him twice because he will be speaking in our ward the Sunday following day.  Hopefully, it will be a great experience! (;

By the way, my new companion is named Elder Sekgetho. He's a sweet Elder from South Africa.  He has been through a lot both before his mission and on, so I'm blessed with this opportunity to serve with him and learn from him.

I hope you are all well! 
Read your scriptures (or start to (;), pray and remember; keep a journal!

I love and miss you all!  I hope you are all safe and happy.
see ya soon (;
Elder Speakman


Hey everybody!   Once again I have the opportunity to try and write something interesting and hopefully coherent to all of you haha...

It has been a good week!  Kind of a roller-coaster actually.  It's weird being back in the south again, things are just so different.  I really am in the city at this point.
Last night we walked into an, "apartment complex," (really it's a "huge" 3 story building with a small entrance into the center courtyard.  In the courtyard there is a staircase that gives access to each of the levels.  Each level has a walkway that goes all the way around the center courtyard giving access to each of the rooms.  Most people just rent out 1 room; so they cook outside and take bucket showers in one of the bathing stalls).  It was just so weird, there were so many people doing so many different things, and I'm just not use to that.  Something else I'm not use to, is the twi.  In Tamale everybody spoke English, old or young.  Here, I have to get use to bringing along someone to translate for us.  It's a new experience!  We'll see how it goes... haha

Something really exciting happened last Saturday and Sunday!  For the second time ever, this mission had the opportunity to be visited by one of the living 12 apostles of the Lord: Elder David A. Bednar.  It was awesome!  Getting the chance to hear from him and Sister Bednar was an amazing experience.  I got to learn so much from both of them, especially as I did my part to prepare myself to hear from them and to receive promptings about how I need to change to become better. The spirit was so powerful, I loved it!  And it wasn't just a lecture,  he asked us questions that we voluntarily answered because we are not objects to be acted upon but we are people who are created to act..  And we voluntarily asked him questions in return. And I did get to shake his hand afterwards.
It was especially cool to witness, how well he and his wife, and the wives and husbands of the other Seventy who were there, worked in Unity.  They had the same stories come to mind and they always wanted to share the same scriptures.
  I know that he truly is a chosen apostle of the Lord and that this is His church restored to the earth.  I know that God knows each of us individually, that he knows our needs, and that he ministers to each of us one by one.  As far-fetched as that might sound to some, look at everything around you and everything that has happened... I'm pretty sure it's possible (;

I love you all!  And I hope you have a great week!

Elder Speakman

                      meeting up with missionaries who started their missions the
                                       same time.  We were in the MTC together.

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