Tuesday, September 6, 2016

week 48 (9/5/2016)

Hey Everybody! How's life (not that you can respond to me...)?  Things are gong well here!  I mean, things are never easy, but I'm still breathing.  Haha

This past Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the baptism of one of our investigators, an old man named Michael.  Every single lesson that we have ever taught to him has been with a translator.  When it's just us, one on one, we can barely communicate.  Yet, it's amazing to me how, despite all of this, he was able to accept what we taught him so quickly. And this guy knows his scriptures!  So, he had plenty of questions for us (which is always awesome, I love questions!), but as soon as we would answer the question if he recognized it as truth, he would not argue but would accept it and act accordingly. 
For example, when we taught him about temples, and how in the church we understand the need for family history work.  At first, he had some questions, but as soon as we explained and he understood, he acted.  The very next time that we came he excitedly shared with us that he had started filling out as much of his family history as he could remember (something that is not easy to do at all with the record keeping here, so it's awesome that he's doing it now so that knowledge won't be lost).  It was awesome!! I was so surprised.
His baptism was something interesting too haha.  We ended up having to do it like 5 times because every time his leg would pop up out of the water because of his stiff joints.  But despite that, and even though none of his family came to support him, when it was all over, he was happy.  He knew he had done the right thing, so he was happy.
It was just a sweet experience to learn from him and his quiet example. 

Really, not much else has happened except that the two siblings Ruth and Raymond, whom I was teaching up in Tamale, got the chance to be baptized!  I had the opportunity to talk to them on the phone before it happened, they were so excited for their baptism...  It was awesome!!

Well, things are good here!  Difficult, but good (;
I hope things are the same or better for the rest of you!

Love ya!
-Elder Speakman

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