Monday, September 19, 2016

week 50 (9/19/2016)

It has been a week of changes over here!  It was transfers on Wednesday and that's always exciting!  It was a completely different experience to go through transfers as a zone leader though... that's for sure.
Wednesday morning, we all shuffled off to the dreaded, "metro-mass."  Metro Mass has to be the absolute worst transportation system ever haha, and yet, that bus station is the hub of all transfers (It's where I began my crazy adventure we call, "mission."  It's where, one year ago, I took one of those orange cramped and sweaty rectangles (for 3 hours), to my first area: Sunyani.  I've come so far ooo)!
The zone leaders, and all other missionaries being transferred within Kumasi, meet there and somehow manage to find a way to get all the missionaries to where they need to go; whether by Bus, Tro, or Taxi, we get them there.  I'll tell you what, that's a miracle in it's self.  We were there 11:00-3:00pm stuffing people into cars until finally we got to breath... then it was off to the apartment to eat lunch and we were back out again!  Fun stuff (;  (fun-fact; I'm so white that I actually got sun burned in our short time at metro-mass... my companion just laughed at me). 

Now, in our apartment we have Elder Akharia from Nigeria.  He was actually in the MTC with me in the beginning of the time haha.  But he's a sweet guy!  Things in our apartment are much better than they were and we're all getting along great.  I think a big part of that is because we're all trying/making a conscious effort to sacrifice and serve each other (don't take that in the wrong way... we aren't sacrificing each other (; . I even made french toast for him Sunday morning (not sure why I'm just now starting to make french toast.  I forgot how good that stuff is...).

Anyway, I'm done being dumb haha.
 I hope you are all dong well!
 I love and miss you all. .

Make good choices! 

Elder Speakman

Also, Happy birthday uncle Mike and Trevor!!


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  1. Can you contact me i need a Book Of Mormon delivered to someone there ASAP