Tuesday, October 4, 2016

week 52 (10/3/2016)

Hey everybody!
I hope all is well!

Sorry, I missed you all last week.  Life is definitely not slowing down haha, but things have been going great over here.  The people are great and companion and I are getting along great at this point, and I can confidently say that we are friends. We had an emergency transfer in our apartment. (The new Nigerian was transferred somewhere to replace the zone leader who had been called as assistant to the president). We now have Elder Nygren, (I knew him up in Tamale), he's an awesome guy. The other night I played him (and won) in chess...I also beat my companion *smirky face* I'll probably loose next time.....
Elder Nygren is a great guy though, last night, I was eating chicken and a random piece of bone lodged itself in between my back molars. It hurt and I couldn't get it out, it was actually cutting my floss. So he helped me to get it out haha. We used a knife, a tool in my sewing kit, and floss.  Eventually, after his hands being in my mouth for a while, we managed to get it out haha. That's when the chess began. (;

General Conference was great!
Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to watch most of General Conference live at our chapel (most missionaries don't have that privilege especially those, "out in the bush."), but we did, and the chapel was filled!  They had to open up the over-flow to have enough space.  One of our investigators, Eunice, who showed up really enjoyed it and ended up taking tons of notes, it was great!
As I was watching, one talk that really stood out to me was the one given by Henry B. Eyring.  He made me realize how important it is to be grateful, not only for the sake of others, but, even more for our own sake.  As we are grateful through whatever it is that we are gong through, we will find that we are much happier and are able to endure much more.
Test it!  It's a promise.

I love you all.
 Sorry this is so short, gotta go chop (;

Elder Speakman

                                      zone conference

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