Monday, October 17, 2016

week 54 (10/17/2016)

Heyooo!  Long time oo. Kafra (sorry) time just flies when you're having fun I guess.  I know none of you can respond to this but I hope you're all doing well and making good choices!  I sure do miss you all, but it is worth it! (;  Plus, I've reached the top of the mountain and am on the hike down.. but it's more like I'm sprinting at this point.  I can't believe that as of today I have only 11 months left... time is flying, slowly.

Things are going well here. This past week my companion and I were really able to work hard and it felt great, "work, work, work- there is not satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work." - Pres. Ezra Taft Benson.  That's something that I've really come to see the truth of.  There is no time that you feel better than when you know that you've worked your hardest, that you've done your best, and that you're doing what is expected of you.
Being on a mission sometimes it feels like we are over loaded with rules and some of them can be difficult to understand why they need to be followed.  But, an eternal truth that I've really come to appreciate and understand, is that we need to, "Keep the commandments.  In this there is safety, in this there is peace." -Hymn #303  How true is that?
Rather than always looking over your shoulder to see if someone is watching you, or having to try and constantly justify your actions, isn't it better to just have peace?  Isn't it better to just be safe??  I guarantee you that it is.  And that little act of being rebellious can never make up for what could have been gained or kept by simply being obedient.
But, Sometimes, we do make mistakes, sometimes we slip up; what matters after that moment is how we will react.  I'll tell you what though, if a child disobeys his mother and touches a hot iron that he was warned not to touch, the solution is obviously not to go and sob quietly in the corner because he is too ashamed to go and tell his mother that he didn't listen and because of that he got burned.  He needs to go to his mother whom he disobeyed and confess.  He needs to get help!  The damage is done, damage that could have been avoided, but there is no need to hid it now and let the injury get worse.
It seems obvious right?  Especially, when we are applying it to other people.. but how good are we at applying it to ourselves?  To our own lives?  With our own mistakes?... Do we really believe that it does apply to us?
Wither you believe it or not, it does!  So try and figure out how.

"Choose the right! There is peace in righteous doing.  Choose the right!  There's safety for the soul."  It's so true.  We have the choice to choose between momentary pleasure and eternal joy (not to mention the peace we all desperately search for).

As a wise man named Shia once said: "JUST DO IT."

I love you all :)
Take care,

Elder Speakman

 This guy is one of our investigators. We met him, I think on Tuesday, and since then we have seen him 3 times (he wants us to come every day) and he came to church!! He's so cool, and he really wants to change his life around.  It's great to see!

 elder nygren and I have been cooking together and...we BARBECUED!!! We bought some super expensive chicken breast #purechicken. Amazing! And we even marinated it in sprite and over priced teriyaki sauce. It's amazing though. I've still got some in the fridge. (;

CTR (choose the right)


  1. wow i think im in a safe mission..because i know the people in ghana are excited to go in my mission...hi elder speakman im elder gallarde..assign in ghana kumasi mission im going to report in ghana MTC in december 29..and im excited to go in my mission to served our HEAVENLY FATHER and JESUS CHRIST..and im excited too to meet you in ghana..heheheh..teach me how to speak what kind of language they use ok?? counting the way my home town is philippines..can i get your myldsmail???..for us to have a communication every monday..if it is okey with you..thank you elder..

  2. by the way this is my myldsmail..
    email me okey??.thank you alot counting you..hehehhe