Tuesday, November 29, 2016

week 60 (11/28/2016)

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Over here things didn't get too exciting for Thanksgiving but we still had a bit of fun.  We had planned to make a feast in our apartment (mashed potatoes, choc. pudding and meat) but I was on exchanges in another area; unfortunately the rain held us back from traveling home in time... so we went with plan B.  Because we're blessed, one of the members called us on our way and told us to come and pick up some food... my thanksgiving dinner was banku and okra stew!  It was sweet!

Things have been going really well over here.  My companion and I are really enjoying the time that we have to serve together and we've been working hard!  We have a lot of progressing investigators and many of them are great friends as well... it's sweet.  This work is sweet... or sweat, either one, haha.  Or maybe it's sweet sweat because yesterday, I pounded these ladies fufu, and I'm pretty sure quite a bit of my sweat fell into that mass of carbs... but when they were eating it they said it was sweet,  soo.. (;

My short spiritual thought to everyone is, don't let yourself be distracted by things that are of no importance.  Each of us has so much potential as to who, and what, we can become...
I can't teach you all about the plan of Salvation over a blog, haha, but don't waste your time!  Try to understand your eternal potential and work towards it.
As people say in Ghana "Drop that yam!" (the phone)

Have a great week everyone!

Love you all!
Elder Speakman

ps (I will be emailing this Saturday as well instead of next monday due to the upcoming elections)

this is my companion and one of our recent converts sisters, we were hiding from the rain in their shack where they sell beans (amazing beans, especially with the fried plantain)

Monday, November 21, 2016

week 59 (11/21/2016)

Hey everybody!

Sorry that it has been so long, things get busy on P-days... there's not too much time to relax in the Ghana Kumasi Mission.  I have to try not to  use that excuse too much though; the people there use it aaall the time.  Even if they are just sweeping the dirt.
Speaking of sweeping, they've got regular brooms here in Ghana, but more often than not you will see them using this local broom made of dried grass that's tied together at one end.  There is no "broom-stick" so it requires them to bend down and shuffle around to sweep. I asked one of our friends once why they choose to use the broom that requires them to bend over and suffer.  He gave me two reasons [and this applies to a lot of their tools, even when they are out farming acres of land, they are bent over the whooole time... it's painful] #1:it's tradition. #2 He likes to see the dirt really well hahaha. I love Ghana.

But back to me haha (;... This week was good!  Things have been going great in our companionship and in our area.  We've got so many people to teach that sometimes it's difficult, and even stressful to try and plan for them all.
We've got a really interesting situation in our area though.  There's this furniture store not too far from our house.  When I first came to Dichemso we were walking by when a member asked us to come and teach one of his friends.  After we started teaching him we started teaching another person who works there, then another and another and another, etc.  At this point we are teaching 7 people who work there... we don't even have enough time to see them all in one day so we have to split them off.  It's AWESOME!  And a few of them are really progressing... plus, it's really nice to sit on leather couches every once in awhile instead of small wooden stools. (;

Also, one of our investigators, Michael, was baptized on Sunday!  He's the same age as me and he's a sweet guy!  He is so smart.  It has really been a joy to teach him because he really takes the time to understand and search for himself to know if these things that we teach are true.  The day he told us he wanted to be baptized, I was so happy.  I didn't even know what to say to him. I just rambled on for a bit haha.

Missionary work is sweet and The Church is true!
Read ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon!

Have a great week!
Elder Speakman

p.s. Happy Birthday Miriam, Jaelle and MOM! I love you all.... I hope you have/had a great day!  You're awesome, I love and miss you!

Monday, November 7, 2016

week 57 (11/7/2016)

Good morning everyone!  Sorry, I missed you all last week!

We had a Halloween activity at one of the chapels.  It was sweet!  It was kind of spontaneous but we all ended up gathering at one chapel in pretty large numbers and playing sports.  One of our investigators even came with us, it was his first time playing American Football haha., but he said he really enjoyed it!

Things have been going well lately.  We are teaching quite a few people who are really progressing and enjoying learning about the gospel; 4 of them even came to our Stake Conference yesterday which was sweet because Elder Vinson, from the quorum of the 70 was there.  It was actually a pretty historic conference too, there is now a 3rd stake in the city of Kumasi!  There were too many people, so we couldn't even meet at one of the chapels, we had to go to one of the conference halls at a nearby University.

Something I have really come to see in those who progress in the gospel, and enjoy learning more is that they understand the need for the commandments.  For lots/most of the people we see, see the commandments as restrictive and old fashioned.  Because of that, a lot of the, "Charismatic Churches," here don't teach people about them. They don't tell the people that they do actually need to change.  That there are things that they need to do better.
Something that I really enjoy about my mission, and the church (something that the investigators notice and appreciate as well), is that it encourages all of us to change; and not just to change, but to become better.  No matter what stage you are at in life, as you study the gospel you will see that there are things you need to change.  Maybe it's the way you talk, the way you treat others, do business, or dress.  No matter what it is, there is room to improve.  And the people who progress, the people who enjoy the gospel and desire to learn more, are the people who understand that, and they don't try to shirk from that reality.
We aren't here to, "be comfortable," we are there to progress.
We are here to do hard things and become better because of it.  And it's the gospel that shows us how to become the best that we can be.
Don't make the excuse: "baby, I was born this way," be better!  Choose the harder right!

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
CTR (choose the right)

Elder Speakman

pss- Elder Nygren and I discovered that if you take biscuits and put peanut butter in between, it tastes        just like a Nutter Butter... fun fact (;

           Mosiah 28:3   "Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature..."

  WE HAD A LINGER LONGER AND IT WAS CHAOS. I don't know if the members can handle what I've introduced haha, it was hilarious....everyone was just eating each others food and made a huuuuge mess. the 2nd counselor stopped by us and yelled "EAT. EVERYWHERRE!". man...we were dying hahaha