Monday, December 19, 2016

week 62 & 63 (12/19/2016)


Makyeooo! (good morning)
I hope all is well!
This week has been sweet and very very full.  It's crazy how much has happened this week, when I think about how transfers was just last Monday I can hardly believe it, I feel like that was so long ago.  That's partly because I feel like I've been with my, "new" companion for a long time already; we never had that little, "awkward phase" that sometimes comes with a new companion.  Maybe that's because he was already my companion in the MTC, but I think it's mostly because he's just a sweet guy.  I think it might be impossible for anyone to ever not get along with him.  He's a great guy, we're working well together, being organized, having fun and as an added bonus we like the same music so occasionally we'll break out into random singing (;.

This week has been very interesting for proselyting.  Ghana just had it's presidential election, and it was a very energized experience.  Here in Kumasi almost everybody supports the same party, the opposition to the current party.  It was craaaazy!  Three nights in a row people were up, what seemed like, all night blowing their vuvuzelas, honking their horns, yelling, running through the street and basically... just having lots and lots of fun, haha.  They had so much fun we were told to be back in our apartment by 6:00pm.  It kinda messed with our day, but it provided the perfect opportunity to make pancakes!  Yes, they were good (:

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know all is well!  The work is sweet and the sun doesn't seem to be so hot anymore (;  Life is sweet!  Keep it!  Make it sweet!

Have a happy holiday season!
Also, Happy Birthday to Norah, Tyce and Adam Nygren! Enjoy your day!

Elder Speakman


Good morning everyone!  And Happy Holidays!!!... I can't believe it's almost Christmas.  Time has flown.  I remember perfectly last Christmas, how I felt, what I was doing, and I definitely never thought that this Christmas would ever come haha..  But it has! It's crazy to think that this will be my last Christmas in Ghana. I had better make the most of it!

Life in Ghana has been sweet lately.  To tell the truth, everything here just seems so normal to me at this point.  I don't really feel like I'm living in a foreign country.  Everything about it, the people, how they speak, the food, riding trotros, being called, "Obroni" and "Clina" wherever I go and people telling me  welcome to Ghana even though I've been here for over a year; it's all normal to me now... maybe I'll even miss it..

Mission is sweet!  Serving people is rewarding.  Talking with everyone is always exciting and sometimes very interesting, the gospel is inspiring and although walking is sometimes tiring, it's endurable and even enjoyable.  But, I'm not here to write a dumb rhyme that I'm sure Marissa will roll her eyes at and chastise me for. haha

This morning, I wanted to remind everyone to remember the meaning of Christmas. There are many wonderful things that personally I love about Christmas, things that I don't think I fully appreciated until coming here.  I love that Christmas is an opportunity for our families to gather together and enjoy eachothers company.  I love that Christmas gives people an opportunity to share and to sacrifice. I love the snow (typically), and the food, and the early morning filled with excitement.  I love the unity of the day.
But in the midst of all this excitement and, "Holiday Spirit," I invite everyone to JOYFULLY ponder the person whose birth and mission we are celebrating; that is, our Savior and brother Jesus Christ.  I know that He lives and loves us. I know that He died and resurrected for us; and I know that through Him and His gospel, families can be together forever.

"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.   Luke 2:10-11

Have a great Christmas!
 Use it well and remember Him!

E. Speakman


Saturday, December 3, 2016

week 61 (12/4/2016)

Another week gone!... it's crazy how fast time is flying.  As our ward mission leader would say, "Every second we get, we go crush."  Little by little I'm picking up the pigoon.  I'll do my best to confuse you all when I get home.

Transfers are upon us once more, and this time my companion is part of it... he's leaving me!  It's sad.  I'm gonna miss this crazy South African man.  Our time together was always a roller coaster, but the ups and the downs were all worth it, that's what makes it exciting right? (;  We've gotta learn from it all, and I definitely learned a lot from him, we had a great 4.5 months together.
But, just as much as I am sad for him to leave, I'm excited for my new companion to come!  His name is Elder Sotalbo from the Philippines.  He was my companion in the MTC!  I'm pumped, "we go crush!"  Seriously though, he's such a sweet Elder, this is going to be a great experience.

Something I'll always hold as an eternal truth is that,  "it doesn't matter so much where you are, as it does the people you are with."  If the people are great, the place will be great!  We can even take Thanksgiving as an example. It doesn't really matter so much where you go or what you eat as long as you are with the people you love; especially your family.  For me, my Thanksgiving meal didn't consist of huge amounts of meat, vegetables, and pie. I ate banku out of a bowl with some mystery meat mixed in, but I ate it with the people that I love, and that's what made it great!

Ghana is sweet!  The people are sweet!

Elections for this country are coming! Christmas is coming!  It's just an exciting time of year, isn't it? (;

Be happy where you are and be with the people you love!

I hope you have a great week!
Be safe and stay warm!

Elder Speakman

                                                                                 us in the bush
                                                                         us walking through an alley going from the mission home and meeting other  missionaries squeezing through the same alley.

                                                              a big ant hill in the bush

                    my compaion in the bush. we were going to visit some of his recent converts before he was transferred                                                       from our area, that's why we were in the bush)