Monday, February 20, 2017

week 72 (2/20/2017)

I don't' have much to say this week.  Not much new has happened, I'm just trying to push to the end. (;

    Things are picking up in our branch I'm happy to say!! Our branch president has only been a member for a year (part of why I was sent here and told to read handbook 2), there is one RM named Yaw who is helping the branch so much. They all went out to visit less active members together after church on SundayIt is great when the members fulfill their roles, otherwise all the work that we do and all the people that we baptize is in vain. 
     Also, on Sunday one of the young men we are teaching was interviewed by the mission president so he should be getting baptized next week! 

     There is one thing that I have really learned to understand and accept though...  We are responsible and accountable for our own actions.  We are asked to give our all, and that's all we can do.  We cannot do it for someone else. We can entice, persuade, and encourage others to do the same, but in the end, we have to accept the fact that they have their own agency.  God will never take away our agency, and we cannot expect to be able to, nor should we try to, take away the agency of others.
     Sometimes that can be one of the most painful realities to accept: we have to allow others to make their own choices, whether for good or for bad we have to accept/respect their agency.
People often don't understand the fact that, "what we do does matter and will have a positive or negative effect on others."  What we choose to do can either bring a lot of joy or a lot of pain into the lives of the people around us, especially those who love us most.
     My advice is to remember that.  Remember what we do does matter, and it does affect others; you would be selfish to believe otherwise.  But at the same time remember that there are people who choose to ignore this fact, and we cannot control them.  Manage what you can (yourself), then be content.
     There are a lot of disappointments on a mission as you witness, and are affected by, how others choose to use their agency.  But there is only so much you (or should I say "I") can do.  I've been having to remind myself of that more and more often. I need to manage what I can manage, do all that I can do, then be content, no matter what choices others choose to make.

I love you all!
Have a  great week!

Make choices that will bring you and those around you Joy!

Elder Speakman

At Senior Missionaries building

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

week 71 (2/13/2017)

This time I'm being pro-active (not the acne meds... (; )and writing on Sunday.  It only took a year and half (almost) but I may defeat procrastination yet!  We'll see what happens next week haha (;

It was a great Sabbath though!  Sometimes (most times) going to church isn't as relaxing of an experience as it once was, and it shouldn't be.   So, rather than being stressed about all of our investigators who weren't able to make it to church, I chose to just relax.  I focused on the words of the hymns, sought for greater understanding of the atonement and did my best to resist overpowering them with my singing in an attempt to speed up the funeral paced sacrament hymn....
It ended up being a great time at church.  Our branch mission leader moved to Dubai so our clerk taught a great lesson in Gospel Principles class ( I think it was a great at least... it was in twi, but I didn't see anyone, other than me, falling asleep so that's a good sign (; ).  The members were taught about their important role in missionary work; and we had a great Branch Council after it all.

The work is going well here!  There are so many... too many, people to teach.  I think the biggest struggle is trying to balance our time to be able to see all of them.  But we do our best; and the other day we made time to go out with Bor. Baffour to visit some of the people he knows.  We ended up meeting a man who knew the missionaries back in Germany and started meeting with them again when he came here.  He loves the Book of Mormon and knows loads about the church.  He just needs to act and he knows it.  I had him read in Alma 34 about not procrastinating repentance and he completely agreed with it.  We'll definitely return to him.

All in all things are well.  I hope things are the same for whoever reads this, and if it's not, read the scriptures!

Love you all,
Elder Speakman (:

 *our modem was stolen yesterday from the chapel so I didn't get to email there and when we travelled 30 minutes through the mountains to the other chapel the power went emailing this week, so here is what I wrote, I'll talk to you next week! 
tell everyone else I said I'm sorry if you could and I love and miss them all. 
elder Speakman

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