Monday, March 13, 2017

week 75 (3/13/2017)

"Good morning sunshine; the earth says hello!" (name that movie).  I hope all is well on your part of the globe!
As for me, this has been a great week.  Much has happened that's for sure.  More and more frequently I find myself pulling out my planner to write something down that I don't want to forget to put in my journal, and more and more often I find myself using all my willpower to keep myself from cackling like Taggart and rolling on the ground from the hilarious things that happen.
A large majority of that laughter is caused by this one, "stubborn boy," Nana Yaw.  Hahaha  Oh man, just thinking about that boy makes me laugh.  Ooooh, he's just soo obnoxious, it's hilarious.  Yesterday, we were outside teaching this girl Lina (she, her sister, their neighbor Sheilah and their friend Isaac are really progressing well together), and throughout the whole lesson, Nana Yaw was there.  Whether he was with us sitting on the ground "like the muslims," coming over to shake my hand, giving me palm seeds to chew, "but not swallow," calling my name, taking off his shirt to show me it's reversible, or just standing across the street in the other compound.. he was always there.  I can't even explain it, but let it suffice to say that I've never had a more difficult time teaching someone about the word of wisdom...
Along with all the funny experiences, it was a great week of work as well.  7 of our investigators made the decision to come to church!  One of them is the wife of Bro. Eric!  It would be a great thing to hear that they went to the temple a year from now to seal their marriage, "for time and all eternity."
Earlier in the week we walked into Lina's compound and we saw her sister laying outside on a mat with all the pamphlets and around 5 books she had been given at church.  She had just finished reading, "Faith in God."  I asked her what she had learned, and this is what she said: "Well... I think I should be baptized, and go to the temple, and read these books with my family."... I was pretty shocked.  It's amazing how simple the gospel really is, and how she was able to understand it just from reading that small book.

The gospel is for everyone, and it's for families!!!

Have a great week everyone!

E. Speakman

that is me frying gari (I love that stuff)

pounding fufu for this old woman in that compound with our investigators  

us cleaning the water out of the chapel....someone left the tap on and when the water came it flooded the place...we're on the second floor too. 

 our investigator Santos, he's a sweeet guy,

 i was a bit scared because as she was walking towards me she wouldn't take her eyes off if I was food. (;

and finally we have Sheilah and that crazy boy Nana Yaw.

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