Monday, April 3, 2017

week 77 & 78 (3/27/2017, 4/3/2017)

(Taggart didn't notice that he had this added blog message from Storm in his personal email).

Good evening everyone!! As I'm sitting in the internet cafe waiting for the power to come back so I can send this, I figured I'd give you all a little update. 

Things in mampong are going great! The work is progressing, the members are stepping up, and we have many progressing investigators. even 2 of them were baptized this past Saturday!! 
We were given a sweet referral from one of the members here named brother Baffour. It's a huuuge family and they all produce Gari together, it's a family business, so when we go there we have gotten many opportunities to help them out. It has been really fun. 4 of the sons actually came to church on Sunday, (the rest had to go to a wedding), so hopefully next week they will come and investigate! 

The power is back! I need to finish up, but I hope that you all have a great week! 

Be patient with the people around you, and if you don't understand them, try to understand this one fact; they likely aren't trying to hurt you with the things that they do. 
Love ya all!
Take care and have a great week!

Elder Speakman

a family that we were referred to, 4 of the sons came to church. I WAS SWEATING, helping them to grind Kassava to make gari saturday night. it was good, I needed a workout that day ;)

 things were rushed in the morning as we had to walk to go pick up our investigators and take them to Effiduase for their baptism. 
(my bike is broken)


My people!  I hope that all is going well for you on the other side, but I guess I will see for myself soon enough, eh? (;
By the way, I was glancing over some of my past blogs... I'm so sorry for my terrible humor; mission does something to your brain, seriously, I don't remember making such bad jokes when I was home, did I?

Anyway! I'm down to the final week of this transfer, that marks 3 months here in Mampong... that's insane.  Time is going!  

Yesterday, I watched my final session of General Conference in Ghana; I fully expect to be home, sitting on a couch with a bowl of Frosted Flakes in my hand for the next one, haha.
If any of you didn't watch General Conference, or don't even know what that is, I encourage you to do it!  It's a great opportunity to hear from God's chosen servants, especially God's chosen prophet and the 12 apostles (you can go to and watch any session or talk).
One talk that really, "hit home" for me was Elder Jeffrey R. Hollands talk.  It helped me understand that life's not always a walk through a meadow surrounded by fragrant flowers and radiant sunlight.... personally, sometimes I feel like life is more of a, "sinking in the cold stinking swamp right next to the meadow, struggling to keep your lips above the water, while you watch others prancing by sniffling flowers," type of experience.  Maybe that's just me though? (;  Just kidding, but honestly, sometimes life won't be, "perfect," and we will be struggling at times just to breath, let alone sing about, "Sunshine in our Souls."  So don't get discouraged!  

On Friday, we went to visit a lady near our home who joined the church not too long before I got here.  She was busy, so we stood there a bit and watched her work.  What she was doing at the time was making palm oil.  She's also a farmer and a single mom of 3 stubborn boys. Every single one of those things is something that requires patience.  Making palm-oil requires collecting the palm nuts, boiling them, pounding them, sifting them through the water multiple times to allow the oil to escape to the surface,  squeezing the husks out that are in the water, collecting the oil off the surface of the water, and then boiling it again... all by hand, bent over two large tubes.  She is in poverty, she has practically nothing in the sense of worldly possessions, and even when she does get the money to pay for school fees, her boys refuse to go.
Yet, every time I see her, she's smiling and pushing along; whether she's fast walking with a child strapped to her back to make it to church on time(she did and she came in smiling) or bent over her tube of palm nuts and water, she stays positive.
No matter what our circumstances maybe, we can choose our attitude.  Nobody and nothing can destroy our happiness without our consent. And she's a living example of that!

Anyway, I wish I could tell you more but my time is up and this paper is full. 

Have a great week!

Elder Speakman

walking up "our hill" to the main road on our way here to email this afternoon. the rain has been coming small small

 this is the table where we were teaching our investigator NAOMI, she gave us bread and sobolo before the lesson. one time she cut a whole loaf of bread in half (top to bottom) filled it with margarine, and put it in a bag for us. 

what kind of a moth is this??!!!! 

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