Wednesday, June 28, 2017

week 90 6/26/2017

Hello everybody!

Sorry that it has been so long, things have been pretty busy up here of late. So i decided to let my companions labor away in the kitchen for some time so I can write you; it was a difficult decision, but I decided that I'm willing to sacrifice for all of you (;.

If you don't already know, I've been serving in a tri-companionship for this past transfer.  Elder Nimely from Liberia and Elder Ayim from Ghana are my companions.  We've been getting along great and we have great unity in the work; it has been great!  I've made some great friends in this time that I've been in Ghana.

I'm now closing up my second to last transfer and am approaching my last...  2 years is almost up.      Sometimes it's had to believe; but when I take a moment to reflect on all that has happened within these two years it's hard to believe that it hasn't been even longer!  So much has happened.

This past Saturday we were blessed to witness the baptism of two great men.  Both of them have come a long way to be where they are.  Who I want to talk about is the one whom we taught.  I've learned a great lesson from him, and it is that we can accomplish WHATEVER we set our minds to.  No matter what limitations we may feel we have or what limitations others may label us to have.  In my entire experience with Alfred, we never once had to coax him, prod him, or otherwise try to persuade him to do anything from the beginning.  He's the one who was making advances; he is the one who was making choices.  He stopped us as we were about to pull away in the car, he told us he wanted to find the truth, he told us he would come to church the next day, he came (and he came in a suit and tie at that), he spoke at church, he walked 40 mins. to meet us in the hot sun to lead us to his house, he called us and asked if we could meet at the chapel, he told us that he had an addiction to weed, he made the commitment to stop.  He did everything he promised and more.  Even Saturday night after his baptism, he was in the mud, in the dark with us jacking up the van to try and create a platform to free it from the mud; that's after he went around with us the whole day teaching.

We can do whatever we set our minds to and more.  We can be just as great as we hope to be.  The other man also had to overcome an addiction  prior to his baptism; for him it was a much longer process, as it will be for some of us to accomplish our goals, but he did it!
We are all children of God with limitless capabilities if we choose to use our time and our talents well while we're here on this earth.
 I know these things are true.  I know we can overcome anything IF we rely on the Lord, especially through prayer and scripture study.

I love you all!
I hope you have a  great week!

Elder Speakman

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 88 (6/12/2017)

"Hey everyone!! 
Sorry it has been a while, I still don't have much time but I thought I would at least let you all know what's going on here. 
This morning was fun! We went to one of the chapels near the university and we were playing soccer on the basketball court outside while waiting for the other elders to come and play with us, when these two guys called through the fence "hey elders! can we come and play??", of course! it was sweet! one was named John, the other was Papo. Papo was on Elder Mutloungs and my team...we destroyed. It turned out that the two of them were pastors! They were awesome guys. One thing I'll miss about Ghana is how friendly and open everyone is.  

The other day too, we were stuck in serious traffic in the middle of town (we were going there to pick up an elder who was being emergency transferred to Techiman) when all these people started coming up to our car and asking for the bible, so we started giving out pamphlets and the book of mormon, eventually we only had one book of mormon left so we told them that we were out. But then this guy came up to my window and said "I want the Book of Mormon!", everyone else was just calling it the bible so I was very surprised! And I told them to give it to him.  He was so excited! It was awesome! Then as he was about to leave he turned to me and said with a sly smile on his face "I'm a pastor!" He laughed and slipped into the crowd, hahaha, I was dying. I thought it was hilarious. He's going to use the Book of Mormon to go and teach in his church I guarantee. 
People love the Book of Mormon...but they don't understand how significant it is. Sometimes, that's how we are as members of the church, we know that the book is true, and we will defend it to those around us, but how many of us really understand the significance of the book and do our best to study it diligently?
 To make things short, read it! cherish it! it makes a difference, I promise. 
I love you all, and hope you have a great week!
-Elder speakman. 
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